Classic decor is a traditional design that has been popular across cultures and generations. Rooms typically have rich and complex finishes, textures and art accessories. You interior is symmetrical with multiple pieces of furniture and window coverings in the same style, décor is balanced and has one or multiple focal points like a decorated fireplace, impressive furniture, mirror with ornate detailing, classical painting, or a beautiful chandelier. Rooms typically have fabrics and wood in them with sophisticated details. Your décor creates a feeling of harmony, balance and appreciation for classical culture.

You should pick blinds that add to this classical feeling in a cohesive way. The blind’s colour should look organically with your window trims, furniture, and accessories. We suggest soft colors with yellow, beige, brown or blue undertones. Style of blinds should be sophisticated, symmetrically patterned and possibly textured. Sometimes, a plain white or grey window blinds fits nicely to a modesty classical décor. Simpler, plain-coloured blinds can be combined with decorative drapes for a more sophisticated overall look.

These days the classical style has often been given a modern spin resulting in the modern classical style. It is a very popular style that mixes both modern and classical elements. The modern classical style can have a touch of minimalism and simplicity. However, for most impact the modern classical style is typically used in a sophisticated trendy way with rich textures and bold, high-contrast colors. You still have accessories but they are more geometric than artistic, modern but not too abstract.

Modern classical style gives you more choices for you window coverings as you can pick blinds that match either classical or modern part of your décor. We recommend focusing on the colour as this décor style relies on bold colours. We suggest silver, white, grey, dark brown or saturated blue or green colours for this style. The texture is typically plain in order not to take away from the other focal points in your room.

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