The name speaks for itself. Clean straight lines, lots of glass and light, white colors dominate but are often combined with a splash of natural wood, marble or a bold colour. There is typically one large focal point supported by the rest of décor. The style can be minimalist yet with a sophisticated layer in light fixtures, furniture or accessories. Accent pieces attract attention and stand out from the rest of the décor. Geometrical symmetry and consistency are common. The texture is subtle but can vary from one area to another to create modern complexity. The room is high-tech and functional, easy to navigate and entertain.

Blinds should naturally fit into this modern décor. We recommend plain styles that are easy on the eye and do not take away from your décor accents. Colours are grey and white but the color can be bold too if it matches another accent piece. Pick a blind pattern with symmetric and geometric lines. Zebra blinds are a good choice as they look modern and allow for light effects in the room. It is a good idea to get a motorized operation with the remote or phone app for that high-tech look.

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