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Affordable and stylish blinds from European manufacturers

Lulu blinds offers products that combine functionality, appearance and affordability. We LOVE beautiful homes and we will help you find window blinds in Ottawa that bring privacy, control light, match your interior and create a wow ambiance in your rooms. And we understand that modern living requires affordable prices. We are a local, young and super friendly business. We will go out of our way to make you happy.


We offer five most functional and popular types of window blinds in Ottawa:
Roll-ups, Zebra, Pleated, Vertical and Noblesse.
Please explore these categories to find what you like the most.


Roll-up blinds are a type of shade that rolls up into a cylinder at the top of the window. Roll-ups offer a variety of colors and patterns to create a beautiful décor and control light in your room. They take little space and are easy to operate.


Zebra blinds are super trendy as they offer a new stylish alternative to traditional blinds. Zebra blinds in Ottawa look modern & unique and allow you to transition between transparency and privacy.


Pleated blinds are the most functional choice with minimalist esthetics. They can be installed on windows of any shapes and they are easily operated top-down or bottom-up.


Traditional vertical blinds that can tilt and move side to side. They are great for patio doors, large windows, condos and home offices.


``Noblesse blinds`` are new and trendy. Vertical equivalent of the cool zebra blinds. They combine vertical blinds with tulle fabric to create a curtain-like look with the blinds functionality. Wide choice of colours and patterns that you can combine into a unique design.

What is Your Style?

Choose window coverings that match your interior décor in style and in colour palette. Our window blinds such as Zebra blinds provide a modern and sleek look to any space while enabling you to adjust the ambiance of your Ottawa home according to your preferences.
The key parameters are colour, texture, pattern, and the overall appearance. Please explore our style galleries for ideas.


Classic decor is a traditional design that has been popular across many cultures and generations. It creates a feeling of harmony, balance and appreciation…


Clean straight lines, lots of glass and light, white colours dominate but are often combined with a splash of natural wood, marble or a bold colour…


LULU is the bohemian or eclectic style. You and things around you are unusual, extraordinary and unique. You forge your own path and you create your own style…