Motorization and Smart Automation are extra options available to increase your comfort and satisfaction when using your blinds. Motorization allows you to lower and lift your shades with a simple press of a remote button. Smart Automation brings this functionality to your smartphone or tablet. You will be able to create schedules that correspond to your wake-up, sunset or away from home time. You can also group multiple blinds to operate them simultaneously. And you can control you blinds by voice. Cool, isn’t it? 

Modern blinds motorization technology has improved in terms of ease of use, reliability and affordability. For example, motors now come with built in Li-Ion battery that removes the need to hire an electrician to wire the connection. As a result, more and more people install motor operated blinds in their homes. 

We can motorize virtually all type of blinds such as roll-up, pleated, zebra, vertical, and horizontal.

On this page we explain the benefits and use cases of motorized blinds, followed by control and power options.

Roll Up Motorization and Privacy
Smart Blinds Automation - Amazon Alexa | Add to Siri | Hey Google

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Benefits and Use Cases

We would like to provide a quick summary of benefits having shades motorized as well as highlight some of the most popular use cases as per our experience working with many clients


    • Tall windows or windows that are blocked by furniture will be good candidates to motorize
    • Motorize blinds when you have lots of windows and plants/flowers by the windows. Scheduling opening/closing will make your life so much easier.
    • Windows above stairs are much easier to control using remote control or mobile phone app.
    • Automate control of your shades if you already have smart automation or voice control capabilities such as Siri, Alexa or Hey Google. Waking kids up would be much faster with automated or voice control blind opening in the morning :).


    • Close shades automatically during dinner time, movie night or family gatherings.

    Energy Efficiency

    • Create a schedule that will open or close blinds to keep the interior warmer or cooler, depending on the season

    Enhanced Security

    • Create scenes that will operate your shades in different times of the day in order to create ‘lived-in’ look while you are on vacation.

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Smart Automation for Shades Made Easy!

Control Options

There are number of different control options available. Let’s review them and go over some use cases and benefits for each of the option.

  • Remote Control – Radio Frequency (RF) controlled. RF means that remote control does not have to be in direct sigh of the blind’s receiver. This is one of the most popular option based on functionality and cost. You might want to consider here locations as it will call for one or more remote controls. Think of controlling blind on Patio Door and your Master Bedroom, using one remote control might not be easy. Also remote controls have predefined number of blinds that they can control – 1 channel, 6 channels, 15 channels, 45 channels.
  • Smart Hub – this is basically a small box that connects to your Wi-Fi router, your blinds and your smartphone. It allows to control your blinds using your smartphone app. This option also allows to control your blinds via Amazon Alexa, Add to Siri, or with Hey Google. You can also create schedule, create scenes and control your blinds while you are not at home.
  • Bluetooth – blind motor has a component that allows to connect motor with your smartphone app. This option does not require Smart Hub however you can control your blinds only when you are at home. For some this might be limitation while for others it can be a way to save some money while also give more peace of mind when it comes to home Smart Things security in general.
  • Wand – it is a long stick with two buttons at the bottom. Pressing those buttons will make your motorized shade to open or close. Wands are cheaper option to go, however they require you to come to a window in order to operate the blind. Wand operated blinds cannot be controlled via smartphone app.

Power Options

I would say that for most of the people power options are irrelevant as most people go with Li-Ion battery operated motors. However, I thought to create this section as some people built custom homes or do renovations where power options for blinds do come into picture.

  • Low Voltage Wired – this option means that each window will have a physical low voltage wire be driven to it. There are couple of options like 12V or 24V motors. Please note that 24V motors are a slight quite than 12V motors. The benefit of such set up is that motors will work for a really long time as there is no battery inside that wears out. The con is that motors are tend to cost more compared to battery operated ones.
  • Battery Operated – most popular options due to versatility and cost. Most battery operated motors under normal usage will require charging twice a year. There is also an option to install charging extension cord if blind is far from the floor.
  • 110V Wired – the benefit of this option is that the motor cost the least and in addition it will last for really long time. The con is obviously you have to have 110V grade cable (14/2) supply to each window.

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1. What is meant by motorization for blinds? And how does this feature operate?

Motorization for blinds means the use of motors unto blinds so that closing and opening may be done through remote control or automatically. These motors can be operated in various ways including through using remote control, smartphones or home automation systems. They mainly operate with battery power or can be connected to the electricity provided in the house.

2. What are the benefits of motorized blinds?

Motorized blinds have several advantages: they are easy to use, safer for children or pets, have better energy-economical values than manual ones and can be used as home automation devices.

3. How can I close and opening the motorised blinds?

Motorized blinds can be operated manually, with remote control, by application on phone or tablet, voice commands if connected with smart home systems like Alexa or Google, or through a ready-made time table.

4. Is it possible to fit these motorized blinds in a home that has already been constructed?

Yes, most motorized blinds can be readily installed in homes that already exist because most motorized blinds are retrofit friendly. They can be installed to a large extent into all kinds of curtains and shades, although the process may differ with the kind of blinds, and the kind of windows that are already present in the house.

5. Are motorized blinds noisy?

Generally, most of the motorized blinds found in the modern world are specifically developed to minimize on the making of sound. However, this may not always be the case as other issues like the quality of the motor and the kind of blinds used may affect the noise made. Normally, those blinds with motor functions should not necessarily be noisy when in operation.

6. What needs to be done with motorized blinds?

 Nevertheless, as motorized blinds are distinct from the conventional blinds in the fact that they do not need manual control and lowering or raising of the blinds, they still ought to be maintained well with some regularity to make certain optimum functionality is reached. This may include cleaning the strings and the motor of the blinds and making sure that there are no damages in the mechanism.

7. Are there any special types of motorized blinds that operate on a solar platform?

Yes, a number of these blinds are motorized and can be operated through use of solar power meaning they can be operated through sun energy. There are many opportunities for more solar-powered motorization that can be used as an easy and cost-effective approach for homes in many cases, especially in terms of energy savings and in reducing one’s carbon footprint.

8. Is the motorized blind an appropriate product for all kinds of windows?

Motorized blinds are available in various sizes to match the windows, which may include standard windows, skylights, C, D or V shaped and therefore, they are very useful where the windows are irregularly sized and shaped. For other window shapes or sizes, it is recommended that a professional be sought in order to get a correct measuring and the installation of the blind.

9. The last question I have is motorized blinds good for children and pets?

Motorized blinds are safer for children and pets as well since they remove the danger of loose cords that the child or a pet may possibly get entangled on. Furthermore, motorization of blinds brings the convenience of having the blinds operate at certain times, thus, reducing the chances of the human touch leading to an accident.