Roll-up blinds offer the best mix of style and functionality. There are so many beautiful patterns and textures that you are guaranteed to find blinds that will match your décor and will look unique. And you can control the level of privacy and light in your room to your exact preference from translucent to dark. You can also select specific functionality for light or humidity protection.

Here are the main features of our roll-ups:

Choice of plain colour, multi-colour or original printed pattern
Large variety of textures and patterns from recent design trends
Multitude of printed patterns and original decorative elements guarantees a good match with any décor from modern to classic
Compact shape and take little space
Can be set-up on its own or in combination with other window covering
Can be installed inside or outside the window frame
Ability to cover both extra small and extra wide windows
Easy to operate by pulling on a looped cord or using a remote
Option to enclose the top cylinder in a colour-matching case
Create privacy from your neighbors and strangers
Protect your room from UV light and help control inside temperature
Made from high-quality material and treated against dirt, deformation, humidity and UV light

Some of our samples

Specific functionality:

Blackout for creating total darkness using 3-layered acrylic treatment – great for kid rooms and bedrooms for sensitive sleepers
Heat mirror for reflecting the most light and best temperature control – great for rooms with full sun exposure
Home office for diffusing soft light and eliminating sun glares – great for work-from-home stations and offices
Aqua for high humidity places using anti-mold treatment – great for bathrooms and indoor pools

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Style notes:

Match the blind’s picture pattern to your overall décor: simple geometrical shapes and lines for modern style and complex pattern for classic décor. Generally, it is a good idea to match the colour tone of the blind with the wall colour or décor elements such as furniture or paintings. Pick a colour that is bolder, brighter or darker than the room’s prevalent colour to make the pattern on the blind a focal point, or pick a lighter colour to create an easy-on-the-eye appearance. White background with coloured pattern looks really nice in the kitchen or in the kid’s room. Vertical pattern on the blind will make your room look taller while a horizontal pattern will encourage the viewer to look around. Consider installing the blinds with other window coverings if you have a classic décor. Last but not least, DO NOT be afraid to pick a bright colour or unusual pattern to create your unique unforgettable style!

Please explore our gallery for samples and ideas. Give us a call to see our selection of roll-up shades and request a free estimate.