Zebra blinds are trendy and very popular due to their unique style and screening versatility. Zebras consist of two layers of material with alternating transparent and opaque strips. By moving the layers against each other you can create interesting light effects in your room. You can also move the strip pattern into full privacy or full transparency positions. Zebras are really fun to play with and they look undeniably stylish!

Our Popular Styles

  • Choice of colours and levels of opaqueness
  • Unique wow look in your room
  • Ability to create light effects in the room
  • You choose level of privacy and light
  • Easily operated by a looped chain
  • Ability to roll up the blind partially or completely in addition to choosing strip pattern
  • Fits well in both classic (choose darker colours) and modern (choose lighter colours) decors

If you like the look of Zebra blinds check out Noblesse blinds as well!
They also offer control over light and pattern and look modern, stylish and unique.

Please explore our gallery for samples and ideas. Give us a call to see our selection of zebra blinds and request a free estimate.

Ideas Gallery

Style notes:

Colour is the most important choice for zebra blinds so coordinate it well with your room’s décor. Plain white and grey colours are great for  minimalist modern style and home offices. Brighter or bolder colours look fantastic and make zebra a focal point. Install zebra blinds in rooms where light effects (lighter and darker ambient light and colour mixing) are beneficial to the overall room’s décor and usage. Install on large windows that look out to the front and back yards for the wow look from inside and outside. Coordinate the colour of top and bottom bars with zebra blind colour. Consider zebra blinds for narrow or small rooms because their horizontal strips will make a room look wider. Remember, zebra blinds offer some privacy and lots of light even when the strip pattern is in the open position!

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