Pleated blinds in Ottawa offer the best mix of functionality, comfort and minimalist esthetics. They can be opened top-down or bottom-up, and can be operated by moving horizontal bars or by pulling a cord. Pleated blinds can be fitted into windows of any shape from rectangular to triangular to semi-circle to round.

  • Variety of colours from bold to light
  • Control privacy and light by only opening the top or bottom portion of the pleated blind
  • Can be installed over windows and doors, in sun rooms, angled and horizontal windows
  • Optional light reflection layer for rooms with full sun exposure
  • Only option for non-rectangular windows
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Modern minimalist look and no roller on top
  • Optional double layer to change amount of light in the room

Style notes:

Since pleated blinds offer minimalist appearance we recommend matching the blind’s colour with the room’s décor elements. You can match the blind’s colour with your wall colour in the kids room. Or you can pick a complimentary but lighter colour to the general colour ambiance of the room. Plain white, light grey or light blue colour will work well in the office or a living room. Due to their tiny footprint they are a great choice for bathrooms, sunrooms, skylights, rooms in attic or under the roof, and rooms with irregular window shapes. Pleated blinds  are installed inside the window so these binds are a good choice when you want to keep window frame visible in the room, eg wooden frame matching other wooden elements in the room.

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